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rabbitvcs::ui::changes::Changes Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Show how files and folders are different between revisions.

        - Deal with the revision arguments in a smarter way so we can pass
            in revisions like HEAD.  Currently, if a revision is passed it
            assumes it is a number

Definition at line 39 of file changes.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __init__
def can_first_browse_urls
def can_second_browse_urls
def check_first_urls
def check_refresh_button
def check_second_urls
def check_ui
def close
def destroy
def disable_more_actions
def enable_more_actions
def get_first_revision
def get_second_revision
def get_widget
def gtk_quit_is_set
def hide
def load
def on_changes_table_button_released
def on_changes_table_cursor_changed
def on_changes_table_event
def on_changes_table_row_doubleclicked
def on_close_clicked
def on_destroy
def on_first_repo_chooser_closed
def on_first_urls_browse_clicked
def on_first_urls_changed
def on_more_actions_changed
def on_more_actions_view_unified_diff
def on_refresh_clicked
def on_second_repo_chooser_closed
def on_second_urls_browse_clicked
def on_second_urls_changed
def open_item_from_revision
def populate_table
def register_gtk_quit
def show
def show_changes_table_popup_menu
def view_selected_diff

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

list selected_rows = []

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