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rabbitvcs::lib::vcs::svn::SVN Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 186 of file __init__.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def add
def add_backwards
def annotate
def apply_patch
def callback_cancel
def checkout
def cleanup
def commit
def copy
def copy_all
def diff
def diff_summarize
def export
def get_head
def get_items
def get_remote_updates
def get_repo_root_url
def get_repo_url
def get_revision
def get_versioned_path
def has_added
def has_conflicted
def has_deleted
def has_ignored
def has_locked
def has_merge2
def has_missing
def has_modified
def has_obstructed
def has_status
def has_unversioned
def import_
def is_added
def is_conflicted
def is_deleted
def is_ignored
def is_in_a_or_a_working_copy
def is_locked
def is_missing
def is_modified
def is_normal
def is_obstructed
def is_path_repository_url
def is_status
def is_version_greater_than
def is_version_less_than
def is_versioned
def is_working_copy
def list
def lock
def log
def merge_ranges
def merge_trees
def mkdir
def move
def move_all
def propdel
def propdetails
def propget
def proplist
def propset
def relocate
def remove
def resolve
def revert
def revert
def revision
def revpropdel
def revpropget
def revproplist
def revpropset
def set_callback_cancel
def set_callback_get_log_message
def set_callback_get_login
def set_callback_notify
def set_callback_ssl_client_cert_password_prompt
def set_callback_ssl_client_cert_prompt
def set_callback_ssl_server_trust_prompt
def status
def status_with_cache
def switch
def unlock
def update

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

dictionary NODE_KINDS
dictionary NOTIFY_STATES
dictionary PROPERTIES
dictionary STATUS
dictionary status_cache = {}

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