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rabbitvcs::lib::contextmenu::MainContextMenuCallbacks Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The callback class used for the main context menu.  This inherits from
and overrides the ContextMenuCallbacks class.

Definition at line 1035 of file contextmenu.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def about
def add
def annotate
def apply_patch
def branch_tag
def browse_to
def check_for_modifications
def checkout
def cleanup
def commit
def compare_tool
def compare_tool_multiple
def compare_tool_previous_revision
def create_patch
def create_repository
def debug_add_emblem
def debug_invalidate
def debug_revert
def debug_shell
def delete
def diff
def diff_multiple
def diff_previous_revision
def export
def get_lock
def ignore_by_file_extension
def ignore_by_filename
def merge
def properties
def refresh_status
def relocate
def rename
def repo_browser
def resolve
def restore
def revert
def settings
def show_changes
def show_log
def switch
def unlock
def update
def update_to_revision

Public Attributes


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